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Inoorero means "the sharpening place". Inoorero University by concept positions itself as an institution that sharpens people's minds, knowledge, attitude and skills. The University seeks to impact on life, society and people by arming students with the requisite knowledge, attitude and skills; molding them into knowledgeable solution providers, and leaders who are fully capable of combating the challenges of a dynamic world. The University encourages entrepreneurial, creative and innovating thinking and practice, andembracing of technology to enable life and business.

IUPS provides learners with academic, co-curricular, staff and facilities, and other resources that help them achieve their potential at the highest scholarly levels. We embrace diversity to prepare learners for positions of leadership and fulfilled lives of service to humanity- driven by technology, market relevance, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship. Through the scholarship and teaching of our faculty, IUPS seeks to instill an enterprising way of life through fulfilling our statement of purpose: "Refining to Distinction"


Bridging the gap between technology skills and innovative teaching has been a major challenge in Kenya. It reaches beyond traditional software training to provide a platform that helps educators of all skill levels on their quest to acquiring knowledge.

Shortage in availability of teachers who are digitally literate and inadequate ICT training exercise for teachers; usually ad hoc, short term and absence of a comprehensive framework of standard that guides quality and learning outcomes are largely seen as responsible for the shortcomings of Kenya education system.

IUPS /Inoorero University designed a course titled ICT Based Teaching and Information Management (IBTM) to help educators to be equipped with appropriate teacher ICT skills and competencies. The course has now been aligned to UNESCO's Competency Framework for Teachers (CFT) and has been endorsed by the relevant stakeholders namely, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (MOEST), Teacher Service Commission(TSC) and Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD)

To enhance the course further, Inoorero University sought an internationally recognized certificate in teaching technology to satisfy industry requirements and decided on the Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) as the best choice for Inoorero University's IBTM graduates

Through its (IBTM) program the University is now also offering the Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) teacher certification to teachers training with its first inaugural class getting certified in September 2014.

The Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) program provides robust tools that help educators drive best-in-class integration of information and communication technology (ICT) into classroom instruction.

The Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) is a competency-based professional development and certification offering. The MCE assessment enables educators to demonstrate competency, differentiate themselves in the education field and enhance their value for current and future employers.

An effective and proven assessment tool, the MCE exam measures the ways ICT integration can be used to improve outcomes in six core content areas:

• Education Policy • Curriculum and Assessment
• Pedagogy • ICT/Technology Tools
• Organization & Administration • Professional Development

Passing the MCE examination provides validation that educators have achieved global educator technology literacy competencies.

In order to implement MCE at Inoorero University, the instructors became certified trainers, computer labs were designed to qualify as Certiport Authorized Testing Centers, and the University adopted e-learning provide through Microsoft's Partners in Learning Network. Theteachers were provided with a 10-day face-to-face contact sessions for extra training and support.

For education administrators, the MCE certification represents a valid and reliable way to measure the effectiveness of their investment in ICT and teacher professional development.
Educators holding these certifications have the tools and skill sets to break through limitations of geography and resources, and begin to apply their knowledge to provide a rich, customized learning experience for their students.


More than five hundred and fifty (550) students have gone through some modules of the IBTM program since its inception in 2012. Over 400 students have completed Module 1 and are being encouraged to continue.
The first graduating class of 20 students was in last year's graduation. Another 60 are expected to graduate this year. Teachers are saying that this course is a must for all teachers as it acts as a solid foundation for the MCE Certification.
One of the teachers, Simon Kiteme successfully completed the MCE certification. Simon is a teacher in a rural high school with a student population of about 170 students based in Kitui town in Eastern Kenya. Being rural school students have challenges accessing technology skills due to lack of computer labs and connection to the power grid. His motivation to seek a certification was the desire to be equipped with the technology skills for imparting and empowering his students. He got to hear about the MCE certification at the Inorero University where the university was offering a tailor-made course for teachers in ICT Integration. The ICT Based Teaching and Information Management (IBTM) Program Director, Anne Gatende was very instrumental in Simon finding a solution to his challenges.

The MCE Microsoft Educator Network- Teaching with Technology certification exam was appealing to him due to its credibility and use of the UNESCO ICT-Competency Framework for Teachers. For schools thinking of getting its teachers certified, Simon believes it as a very useful tool for their teachers and very relevant to their teaching profession. As he put it, "It is a must certification to all teachers".


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