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The holidays are round the corner yay!! A exciting time for lots of us but as a parent you are always wondering whats there to occupy my child this season.


As a mother of two I find that it is great is to occupy them by enrolling them on holiday camps and other extra curricular activities. Did you know the extracurricular activities can help children of all ages in developing lifelong skills and hobbies? Sending your children to holiday camps which have various activities allow your child to explore different activities and you as a parent can find out a hidden talent in your child.

What can your children do in holiday time?

There are many activities which are done outside of a childs school day. Some of the extra curricular activities for children include sports, music, art classes, clubs and hobby related activities. Some of these activities are also available during term time, so you can continue them even after your holidays.

Activities are not just restricted to children.  As an adult it is always a good idea to take time out for yourself and take up a hobby or an activity such as cooking, dance or  photography which you enjoy and allows you also to expand your mind.

How will my children benefit?

Lets face it kids need to be running around. So why not focus all that energy into something fun and enjoyable and where they are meeting other kids outside of a school restricted environment. A holiday camp or even an activity class allows the children to learn new skills and the pressure may not be as intense as a school and in this environment some kids will flourish and possibly identify new skills or talents.  The benefits do not stop there as this will be good for their mental and physical development. Various studies have shown that a child's involvement in after school activities increases his or her quality of life.

Some things to consider

Ask your child what his or her interests are. You may discover something new about your child. Don’t push them into doing something they don’t enjoy as it may put them off for life. However there are some children who do need coaxing and a bit of pushing as some children are complete introverts.

Also choose the right activity for them. Its all about choices and its better not to over-burden your kids that they have no time for play. Also look at your own schedules and don’t run around like headless chickens as a parent as it will wear you out as well.

Make sure you have enough time for children to play, relax and unwind. All these play a big role in their development.

To find out more about what activities and holiday camps are available, please visit somasoma.co.ke and find out more.


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