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Each and every day IT vendors are born bringing forth something new or leveraging on what is current. Vendors like Cisco, Avaya, Huawei, Dlink, Giganet, Siemon among others have subsequent certifications to enable IT experts implement their solutions effectively and efficiently.

As these vendors compete in the market IT professionals are pressurized to have knowledge on how each and every vendor solution works in the industry. Companies today use solutions from more than one vendor to meet their IT needs, therefore, requiring IT professionals with multi-vendor certifications. An IT expert will have a competitive edge by getting certified by the major IT vendors. The challenge however is the time and money that need to be invested in.

But can an IT professional get certified by several major IT vendors while saving on money and time?

For instance, Computer Learning Centre has responded to this need by rolling out a series of vendor-training courses under the Datacomms (DCT) brand leading to multiple vendor certifications from attending one course. It is like having everything you need in one basket.

Instead of training for and get certified from multiple vendors separately, an individual can enroll for one multi-vendor course and get certified by various vendors

What are the advantages?

  • Provides in-depth knowledge with practical hand-on experience to deploy solutions from multiple vendors.

  • It is less expensive compared to studying each vendor course separately.

  • You save on time spent studying each vendor course separately.

  • Though you attend our course, one can become fully prepared to sit for different vendor exams and attain multi-vendor certifications.

By JANE LUBALE of COMPUTER LEARNING CENTRE. Computer Learning Center was established in 1999 and is an authorized training and testing centre where quality is never compromised..


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