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which course provider to chooseYou have chosen the course you want to do. Now the tricky bit of selecting the organisation!

1 Consider the history of the organisation.

How old is it? Has it been established for a long time? An older organisation usually means that they have established curriculums. However the converse may be true as well in the sense that their teaching methods / curriculums may not have moved with the times.

2 What is the state of their infrastructure?

Has the organisation maintained their buildings well, kept their computers / IT up to date? What about other facilities? This is important as you want to be able to use equipment which works and there is enough of for all the students. If possible, visit the organisation before signing up to find out for yourself.

3 What is the teaching quality like?

If possible speak to ex-students to find out how they found the learning experience. Go and speak to the lecturers to get a feel for how they teach.

4 Does the organisation have links with commercial organisations, which may help secure employment after you finish your studies?

If the organisation is reputable, then it may not matter as much, otherwise this is an important consideration.

5 Cheaper is not necessarily better.

Sometimes a course costs more elsewhere due to better teaching methods, better curriculum and facilities and better career support after you qualify.


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