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career advice tipsChoosing the right career is important and getting it right is even more so!

1 Pick something you enjoy doing.

Its better to be passionate about something rather than going through the motions just for the money. Granted, money is important, and a job is better than no job. Indeed most people pursue a career purely because it pays the bill,

however if you enjoy doing something, you will do it well and your work will be recognized which may mean more satisfaction in the long run.

2 Does your personality fit the career you are pursuing?

If you are an introvert by nature, then a career in sales may not be for you. However you may do well as an engineer, an analyst or an accountant. You need to know your own strengths and weaknesses in making your choice.

3 Dig deep into the career to find out about the nuances.

Find out what people are doing on a day to day basis and whether that would suit you. All careers will have moments of boredom, however you need to be sure what you are getting into.

4 Talk to people who are already pursuing a path which interests you.

Find out their likes and dislikes, what the challenges and opportunities are, and what skills are needed and what is not needed.

5 Scope out the skillset.

Before you step into a career, you will need to know the qualifications required (if any) and whether you need to learn some new skills. Enquire with course providers on their courses and find out about the curriculum and whether they can help you in finding a job after your course.


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