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Go from Known to Unknown

Always start from something a student understands and move on from there.

You are building confidence and self esteem as well as knowledge. This confidence and self esteem will help a student

progress to understanding the new work.

The tutor's job is to help students understand one step at a time. Lessons should be progressive week-by-week not just within the lesson. This means that this week you build on what was taught last week . If an exercise or concept was difficult one week then do it again the next week.

The child must understand the tutor wants to help and will give all the help required until the child does understand.

Never accept anything but the child best work

  • A tutor who has the attitude : "I will never accept anything but your best effort", will always get better results than a tutor who doesn't.
  • Be sure you understand what the child's best work is. Some students cannot write very well. Expecting them to write as well as an 'A' student is unrealistic. However, once we know what a child's best working is, then we should not accept anything less.

Be excited when the child achieves

Be honest and show genuine excitement and this will make the child feel even wow. Get renewed energy from a child's success. It means your efforts are working.

Don't Get Upset when a Child Forgets Anything

  • Remember that everyone forgets at times, even you.
  • The child doesn't mean to forget.
  • "It doesn't matter how many times you have to go over it does it? ", "You don't get punished for doing something again".

Homework is necessary

Homework shows that the children are following their course work and failure to do the homework should be taken strictly and warnings given to the child and also the parent.

About Kip McGrath: Kip McGrath Education Centres is currently the largest international provider of face to face tuition, using only qualified and experienced teachers. Kip McGrath Kenya currently has education centres in Gigiri, Karen, Lavington, Parklands and Westlands.


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